{create} diy back to school shoes

back to school shoe shopping can be stressful and expensive.  here is a great diy {do it yourself} craft via one charming party to extend the life of shoes for little ones.  we are loving the scotch colors and patterns duct tape so much that we may even have to make some adult shoes for ourselves!

1. you will need: Scotch Colors and Patterns Duct Tape in 2 colors, Click here!scissors, old shoes, satin ribbon, hot glue gun

2. remove any bows or other items that will impede sticking the tape to the shoe.

3. with the contrasting tape, highlight any special features of the shoe. this shoe had cool stitching on the back.

4. using one continuous piece, stick a long piece of patterned duct tape to bottom edge of the shoe. start and end at the back. this will create a cute ruffle.

5. gently press the ruffle down to stick to the shoe. trim the tape in the back to match up.

6. cut the contrasting tape to a thinner width to create a nice trim on the edge the shoe. {helpful hint} follow the natural lines of the original stitching.

finish off the shoe with a bow tied from satin ribbon. hot glue the bow to the toe of the shoe.

have a fun diy craft?  we would love to hear from you!  send us submissions at firstandlittle@gmail.com! xoxo

check out more scotch tape colors and patterns here { http://www.scotchducttape.com/}

credits for original post via one charming party


photography by bettijo b. hirschi of supermom moments


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